I can never tell if I’m the biggest asshole to exist or a huge sweetheart because some people I care immensely about and would drop everything for them, and other people I could punch in the eye for just speaking. 

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Do not tell everyone your story. You will only end up feeling more rejected. People cannot give you what you long for in your heart. The more you expect from people’s response to your experience of abandonment, the more you will feel exposed to ridicule.
― Henri J. M. Nouwen (via ugh)
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The police can go to downtown Harlem and pick up a kid with a joint in the streets. But they can’t go into the elegant apartments and get a stockbroker who’s sniffing cocaine.

Noam Chomsky

I’ve seen more drugs behind the brick walls of my private college than I have ever even heard of back home in my hood.

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It’s a known fact that you will find more drugs,especially hard drugs, in the suburbs than in the hood

There are so many drug users & dealers at my job right now it isn’t even funny, & I’m not talking about (just) weed.

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This was my old school in the suburbs tho. Them niggas were always on something.

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